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Verval Diarrea - "S/T" LP (Metadona Records)

Verval Diarrea -

Trigger Travis - "The Zoo" LP (Punk Machine)

Trigger Travis -

The Capaces - "Born To Punk" LP (CyC Fundación)

The Capaces -

Sinergia - "Alea Jacta Est" LP (CyC Fundación/Cooperaccion Records)

Sinergia -

Ragged Barracudas - "S/T" 7" (At War With False Noise)

Ragged Barracudas -

Opus Dead/Tear Me Down - "Split" 7" (Cooperaccion Records)

Opus Dead/Tear Me Down -

Opus Dead/Czolgosz - "Split" 7" (Cooperaccion Records)

Opus Dead/Czolgosz -

No Mistake - "Connect The Dots... Complete The Puzzle" 7" (CyC Fundación)

No Mistake -

Nashgul/Sewn Shut - "Split" 7" (CyC Fundación/Cooperaccion Records)

Nashgul/Sewn Shut -

Nashgul/FromTheAshes - "Split" 7" (CyC Fundación/Cooperaccion Records)

Nashgul/FromTheAshes -

Mugrind - "Spoko Evillution Porko Dio" LP (CyC Fundación)

Mugrind -

MDC/Söm-Hi Noise/Raw Power/Naked Aggression ?- "No More Borders" 7" (CyC Fundación)

MDC/Söm-Hi Noise/Raw Power/Naked Aggression ?-

Erantzun - "Hazia Ernaltzen Duen Tanta" LP (Cooperaccion Records)

Erantzun -

Lesbian Rainbows & Irmãos Brothers - "Disforme Split" 7" (Dead Old Tree Records)

Lesbian Rainbows & Irmãos Brothers -

Down To Agony - "No-Vida" LP (Cooperaccion Records)

Down To Agony -

Dkv - "Nace, Crece, Mata, Muere" LP (CyC Fundación)

Dkv -

7" Vinyl Releases

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Ashtray Navigations -

Ashtray Navigations - "The "o" Mouth Direct Input Raygun" 7"

Price: £4.50


Brand new tracks from Phil Todd and Mel Delaney. Leeds' finest experimental movers and shakers of the last decade or so. Perhaps their noisiest material yet! Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

Cloama/Mutant Ape - Split 7

Cloama/Mutant Ape - Split 7"

Price: £4.50


Finlands best kept secret, Cloama meets England's vilest, Mutant Ape in a Power Electronics show down with lyrics and artwork based on dementia. Limited 250 copies on black vinyl.

Cloama/Mutant Ape - Split 7

Cloama/Mutant Ape - Split 7" + CD-r

Price: £6.00


Finlands best kept secret, Cloama meets England's vilest, Mutant Ape in a Power Electronics show down with lyrics and artwork based on dementia. This version limited to 50 copies on black vinyl including bonus CD-r with further artwork and monsterous 25+ min collaboration track.

Culver -

Culver - "Cherry Blossom Girls" 7"

Price: £4.50


First vinyl outing on Turgid Animal for Gateshead based fetishist Culver; but certainly not the last. 2 tracks of dense, thick, cloudy, foggy drone in tribute to his beloved cherry blossom girls. Lee Stokoe has for years been pushing his own brand of heavy drone music all over the globe and hopefully will continue to do so well into the future. Artwork by the man himself in the form of 3 inserts featuring original artwork. 200 copies pressed on black vinyl, 33rpm.

Faux Pas -

Faux Pas - "Faux Pas" 7"

Price: £4.50


Lasse Marhaug joins Sten Ove Toft in a true Harsh Noise collaboration project. They hail from Norway and make harsh and unforgiving music. What's not to like? Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl.

Haare -

Haare - "Death Happening" 7"

Price: £4.50


Incredible new 7" of two sides of Expert Pyschedelic Harsh Noise from the Finnish giant! Colour Covers. Black Vinyl. 200 copies.

Mutant Ape/Mlehst -

Mutant Ape/Mlehst - "Split" 7"

Price: £4.50


Two sides of experimental music on 33rpm. MA side is harsh building ambience in a similar vein to the track on the split 7" with The Rita. Mlehsts track is a tonal experiment and is really soothing. Due to printing error, the labels are on the wrong way round so Mutant Ape side has Mlehst on it and vice versa. Limited to 220 copies in pro-printed sleeves.


NRRRRK - "Bless The Children" 7"

Price: £4.50


First vinyl outing from this German Power Electronic's artist, formely known as Noisewerrrrk. 3 tracks of almost creepy (esp. Side B) industrial noise soundscapes with buried whispered vocals focusing on religious disease/fanatics. 200 copies on black vinyl at 45rpm.

Panicsville -

Panicsville - "New Directions in Creative Nihilism" 7"

Price: £4.50


Finally! New Panicsville 7" on our very own Turgid Animal Records! Junk yard pick and scrape from Andy Ortmann and co. Using time, space and mind boggling stereo switching to their advantage; this truly is a bizarre and engaging record! We're honoured to release this I can tell you. Limited to 220 copies on HEAVY black vinyl, slapped on at 33rpm (for extra long psych) with artwork screened by Jelle Crama.

Sick Seed -

Sick Seed - "Man And Machine" 7"

Price: £4.50


Many will know Pekka PT's Sick Seed project under it's old guise of Gelsomina. Now with a new name and several solid releases under his belt, the Finland native offers up his first 7" release; of which Turgid Animal is very proud to release. This 7" features two sides of raw-as-it-gets Power Electronics with true conviction and dedication. Industrial rhythmn supplied via raw steel junk. Black vinyl.

Torturing Love -

Torturing Love - "Cock Pig/Unoriginal Macho Energy" 7" + C-30

Price: £5.00


Third Fecalove and Torturing Nurse collaboration. Pure harsh noise, recorded in China and Italy during 2008/2009. Tape features longer cuts of the 7" tracks plus the two additional pieces "Super Rock And Roll" and "Total Fuck Off". Limited to 188 copies. Each copy has different hand-drawn labels.

Vice Wears Black Hose -

Vice Wears Black Hose - "Part 4" 7"

Price: £4.50


Co-released with Grief Foundation Noise. Sam McKinley (The Rita) and Richard Ramirez (Werewolf Jerusalem and many more!) team up for the fourth part of their ongoing crackle worship collaboration. Harshest of the HNW by two masters of the genre. Black Vinyl. 200 copies.

Voltigeurs/Dark Bargain -

Voltigeurs/Dark Bargain - "Split" 7"

Price: £4.99


Matthew Bower's and Samantha Davies' Voltigeurs has been operating as a Skullflower alter-ego for some years now and with the arrival of a new release, sitting nicely along side their slew of existing excellent titles (some of which also on Turgid Animal), they continue to not only prove their worth as a project in their own right but also continue to make some of the most interesting a ripping dark pyschedelic noise in the world wide "scene"... and as if that wasn't enough, the other side of the record awaits... On this, their debut release, Newcastle based trio Dark Bargain provide 7 minutes of thunderous rhythmns and harsh distortion laden and feedback drenched noise rock. A triumphant and impressive entrance to the world of releases for them, which isn't suprising once you are aware of the fact that Dark Bargain features three stalwarts of the northern noise underworld; Jamie Stewart (of Wrest) on bass, Lucy Johnson (of Rife and Smut) on drums and Mike Simpson (of Xazazz and owner of the Molotov imprint) on guitar and effects. Cover artwork by Lucy Johnson. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

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