How to Deposit Money into an Online Casino

If you’re playing games at an online casino, you’ll have to find a way of getting money into your account so that you can stake it. Often, it’s worth doing This as early on as possible, as many casinos offer matched deposits, free spin offers and other types of bonuses, the first time that you make a deposit into your account.

However, if you’ve never played in an online casino before, then there is every chance that you will be a little bit confused by the array of deposit options which are on offer to you. In this article, we’ll try and translate a bit of the jargon that may seem obvious to old hands at the online casino, but can be a little bit confusing to newcomers. This will make it far easier for you to select the deposit option that is right for you, the next time that you play.

E-Wallet Services

Most online casinos support a multitude of e-wallet services. Generally, you can load money to these wallets on the provider’s website using your credit or debit card. Dependant on where you reside, there may also be the option of buying gift cards for the service or charging it using cash in a local shop. Check the website of the service provider for details of what is available for you. The casino is unlikely to charge you fees for using the service, but the e-wallet provider may do so. Make sure that you always check!

Credit and Debit Cards

If you would prefer to avoid signing up for an e-wallet service, then most online casinos will also offer you the option of depositing money using your credit card, debit card or bank account. This can be a more straightforward option, but the main drawback is that some casinos will charge you fees for doing this, which would not be levied if you were using an e-wallet service. This is now less common if you’re playing in the EU, thanks to new laws that limit the credit card fees that can be charged.