Online Casino Games vs Live Dealer Games

A lot of gamblers assume that online casino and live casino mean the same thing. This is because the terms ‘online’ and ‘live’ are generally used interchangeably. In this article, we will explain the difference between online casino games and live dealer games.

Both casino games are played on the internet. As a matter of fact, live dealer games are part of the online casino industry.

The big difference between online casino games and the live dealer games is the authenticity. Online casino games are not real, while live dealer games are based on actual events.

Online casinos are powered by what is known as a Random Number Generator. The games are provided by casino software vendors such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Play n’ Go. With online casino games, you play against the machine, meaning it is not an authentic casino experience. For the seasoned gambler, online casino games are the best. The bets are also cheap because overheads are not as high as in a live casino. The only concern is perhaps regarding fairness. Random Number Generator software is susceptible to hacking, and some houses do cheat.

As for the live casino, you get the real casino experience, because the action is streamed from a real land-based casino. Here, there are no machines or RNG software. A croupier, in a real land-based casino, officiates the game, spins the wheel or shuffles the cards in real time. Players follow the events remotely, and can even interact with other players. One thing you realize about live dealer games is that they are expensive. This is to cover the overheads which come with putting up the entire infrastructure and management team.

As you have seen, an online casino is not the same thing as a live casino; there are clear demarcations. So, which is the best choice? Well, it depends on your preference. Live dealer games are best for expert gamblers who are ready to stake big. But for starters, stick to the online casino games; at least they are cheaper and easier to master.