Online Casino Technologies to Watch in 2019

You will agree with me that advancements in technology have also left a mark in the gambling industry. From the time the first online casino was launched to date, the industry has taken great leaps. Here are some of the groundbreaking technologies which are dominating the online casino industry this year.

In the recent past, we have witnessed government and financial institutions sanctioning the popular payment platforms dealing with online casinos. Most are being labeled as illegal businesses in a bid to discourage compulsive gamblers. But with Bitcoins, there are no limitations, and the transactions are fast and secure. The only concern is fraud, now that transactions can’t be traced to the original source. Another thing, withdrawal to Bitcoin wallets take longer because they are approved manually.

VR technology projects virtual imagery via a device called a VR kit, so it offers a more realistic casino experience. From the initial time of their inception to the online gambling industry, VR kits were expensive, but I’m glad that today, VR kits such as OCULUS are readily available, and are inexpensive, so accessing a VR online casino is not a big deal.

This is a technology which is quite similar to VR technology, but here, the images are superimposed on real objects and not a VR kit. Magic Leap is among the pioneers of augmented reality gambling, and the advantage is a realistic and interactive online casino experience. So far, Augmented Reality has the potential of bringing down VR casino gaming, as its more intuitive. The problem is, that AR hardware is hard to come by, so we are not yet in the Augmented Reality casino age.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, technology, especially the internet, is transforming the gambling scene. More and more players prefer online gambling to land-based casinos. However, there is one concern; cybersecurity. Now that most online gambling technologies are internet based, it puts everyone at risk of online fraud. So, in as much as the industry is witnessing sporadic growth, there is also the need to put more emphases on security, as online gambling is synonymous with fraud.